A Sunny Sunday in Londontown.


George the Greek and I took an early Sunday trip into Central which was was intended to be for the Karl Marx walking tour, but – thanks to slow trains and broken signals on the tracks – we were 20 minutes later than expected. (Note to future Londoners: always check tfl.gov.uk!) So, instead of heading home we made the best of our trip into Central and walked through some side streets in Piccadilly we hadn’t yet seen.

Just around the corner we found “Summer Streets” – a month-long festival taking place on Regent Street all through July 2014. Here we found blocked streets full of pedestrians enjoying a string quartet nailing the James Bond theme, an old-time folk band decked out in striped suits and straw hats, and some unbelievably tempting Godiva ice cream.

So if you find yourself in Central on a lazy Sunday and looking for some free entertainment, “Summer Streets” is a great option with loads to do, free and safe curbside to soak in the sun on,  and all kinds of amusing people-watching to be had! Plus, if you find this ain’t your thing, you’ve got St. James Park, Big Ben, Buckingham, Piccadilly, Leicester Square and tons more within walking distance to retreat to.

Happy summer!


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