Experiencing the Shard and “The View”


The Shard is one of London’s newest, tallest, and most admired architectural structures. Towering over London’s iconic landscape at 306 metres, this modern marvel stands at three times the height of the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) and twice the height of the London Eye. And from the top, tourists and locals alike can experience the up-and-coming “View”.

After shooting up 72 floors in 60 seconds flat (a very smooth ride but a bit of a terrifying and claustrophobic experience for those of us less keen on elevators) you will witness beautiful, full panoramic views and windows. While there are no tour guide, there are electronic interactive telescopes throughout the building and staff ready and available to answer your many burning questions. And fear not! – For the faint of heart with a fear of heights but an unusual desire to hang several hundred metres above the cosmopolitan capital, there is a bar!!!

As classy as the atmosphere above the world’s most international city may be, the price is not worth it. Nearing a staggering £30 per person (with no student concession), the fee is not worth standing on a freshly varnished hardwood floor, drinking a £10 cocktail and looking down on one of the worlds most diverse, expansive, and expensive cities. Not when that £40 can be used to  experience it.


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