FoodieTip for the Future: Early bird gets the Korean burger


Every Saturday night through June 21st, Shoreditch High Street will host the Urban Food Festival jam-packed with East End atmosphere and international grub. But beware, foodie friends, this event is also jam-packed with hammered, hungry hipsters.

We made the slight mistake of taking the “fashionably late” approach and showing up at 7pm. Not only had the crowd fully ransacked every square inch of the 20 by 20 square metres of space (with the exception of future-Katy-Perry’s 5 square metres), but the line for the Korean Burger cart wrapped over halfway around the area. In summary: a fun&rowdy space for a younger crowd looking to drink cervezas and make friends with each awkward accidental grind of the hip, but for those of you with a distaste for large crowds or an impatience for waiting in line, show up early.

Since I fall into the latter category, we headed up the street for some Burritos, BBQ Pulled Pork and Beirut Street Food. Much less crowded, AND they sold margaritas! Still on Shoreditch, still an outdoor eating experience, but half the anxiety.

Whether or not you chose to visit the Urban Food Fest (or more to the point, whether or not you decide its for you), London’s East End is full of kick-ass graffiti are and the more radical atmosphere (thus the hipsters) of London. Rivaling Hackney in its progressive attitude, Shoreditch High Street is full of trending bars, markets, and similar jam-packed food fests.

But remember: beware of the hipsters.


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