Short Post: Finding calm in the turmoil of exams


It’s a funny and unfortunate conundrum we all face when the term ends; as our stress levels rise and cortisol courses through our veins like a vicious and relentless venom, it slows us down just as we need to speed up, it fogs us when we strive for clarity the most.

Today as I was leaving Brunel, I found a small, quiet field tucked behind some bushes at the end petal-covered path that led the observant passerby to it. Standing in the open space I imagined myself the character of a Jane Austen novel, and the moment gave me the smallest bit of inspiration to carry on through my studies.

And for a split second I remembered why I came. It wasn’t to get a grade. It wasn’t to please my professors. It wasn’t to impress future employers, even. It was to feed the piece of my soul that thirsted for adventure and was starved for intellectual challenge. This is what our studies abroad do; they enrich our intellect, our character and our perspective.

My dear friends who are cortisol-ridden and mentally exhausted with me, during our exams let’s keep some peace of mind by remembering why we came. Maybe this is what will keep us tethered to the bigger picture when that tunnel vision takes over.


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