Unanswered questions: Why study in the UK?


As a Californian, I am often asked why I chose to leave the heartiest economy and sunniest state in the U.S. to migrate to London for a Masters degree. Well my friends, here are your answers in cold and bold type:

1. Travelling, duh! Travelling is one of the most eye opening and mind expanding experiences one can have in a life time. Immersing myself in a new cultural context while studying at one of the top Cross-Cultural Psychology programs in Europe seemed like a great way to give depth to the concepts I would learn.

2. One year programs. Grad school ain’t cheap, y’all. A quicker paced program means not only a quicker return to your field of work, but also reduces the holes you’re burning in your pockets.

3. More options. My particular field of study is a bit harder to come by in the states, so looking beyond the boundaries of the motherland was the best choice for me because it opened up my options.

4. The experience. You could call this a combo package of all the above, but the experience of being in a new environment and adjusting rapidly, all in an attempt to be successful in unfamiliar systems equips you with a set of skills you’re going to be hard pressed to gain through any other kind of experience.



  1. Kelly · April 8, 2014

    So proud.

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