Term 2 = Complete, but still a month of work!?



So you’ve done it! You’ve successfully completed the last class of the last term of your Master’s degree. Now what?! DISNEYLAND IN PARIS?!

Hold your horses, because once again we come face to face with one of the many confusing differences between U.S. university systems and that of the U.K. Upon commencing the second term, much like with the end of the first term, you’re given another month-long “holiday” to rest, relax, rejoice, and- oh, wait, I mean work on papers and cram for exams.

With just one month to go, it’s time to write essays and “revise” for exams (as far as I’ve deduced this is the equivalent of studying, because most are written essays.) As a Master’s student, this is confounded with studying for your dissertation, working out scales and questionnaires, compiling ethics reviews. On top of these, if your bank account (like mine) is starting to resemble California’s Folsom Lake reservoir, then you’ll also be brushin’ up your CV and dustin’ off your grade-A interview skills. Insert panic attack here.

But as I’ve said before, these one-year Master’s programs are truly more of a marathon than a sprint. The key is to pace yourself, keep your short-term goals in mind and eventually, you’ll be dazzlin’ the corporate duds in your super expensive suit and tie.


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