Milestones of March


With marathon training for the race in June in full swing, I’ve knocked down some milestones with my running buddies this month. Amongst these was this mornings first big race: the Hillingdon Half Marathon, the first half marathon that Uxbridge has seen in ten years- and both the start line and finish line were on my home turf at Brunel University!

I managed to knock just under 15 minutes off my time from my last half marathon, as well as push through running it from start to end, with these basic running and planning tips:

1. Get a good nights sleep two nights before the race. If you’re anything like me, its not unlikely that you’ll get some pre-race jitters and lose a bit of sleep the night before, so let yourself sleep in as much as you can a couple days leading up to the race.

2. Carbo load intelligently. Do your research, but know that rice, chicken, fish, nuts, pastas and legumes are great sources of glycogen to pack your legs. Beware of wheats, whole grains, and ironically salads- too much fiber can cause issues you don’t wanna face during your race, so pack your veggies n’ vitamins in the week leading up to it.

3. Wake up 2-3 hours early. Get in a coffee or sports drink, lots of water and a small breakfast so you’re awake and energized at the start line.

Good job fellow Hillingdon halfers!


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