Fightin’ the Flu in a Foreign Country


If any of you are like me, you know that nothing soothes a flu like some good ol’ comfort food made by mom. So what happens when mom (and all food that brings comfort) is 12,000 miles and an ocean away?

As I’ve mentioned before in blogs like Birthday Abroad, Flat 66 is quite the international situation. While the Cross-Cultural Psych program I came here to study in has offered it’s fair share of theory and proper methodology, the most cross-cultural learning I’ve had this year has taken place right here in the flat. We’ve got reps from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Greece, Malaysia, England, and Vietnam with visitors from an endless list of countries around the world. Needless to say, our kitchen becomes a chaotic storm of all kinds of cooking; we’ve got pancakes on Sunday, kabsa almost every night, moussaka when the Greek is cookin’, keppenaya when the Syrian treats us and samsas for dinner occasions (just to name a few!)

While the comforts of home aren’t easily at hand, the beauty of this kind of environment is that you’re learning about the comforts of others, who share them with you in moments of need. This week, fightin’ a fever and nasty cold, my comfort food came from my super amazing Saudi neighbour, Mohammed, who made me Ginger Milk Tea – Zanjabeel ma Haleeb – to get me on the mend.

Thanks Mohammed!


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