Flat 66’s Nightmare before Christmas!

ImageHappy [two weeks after] Halloween!

In the spirit of both the rising dead and playing catch-up, today’s super belated post will be about Flatt 66’s epic flatmate-dinner-date and pumpkin carving celebration!

Sometime at the end of October (funny how grad school makes you forget the dates that aren’t a lecture or deadline) the majority of Flatt 66 residents and I had an international potluck of sorts. Starting around 5pm, the kitchen became overwhelmed with an intoxicating blend of laughter and international culinary fumes:


Mariyam making a Kazak treat – samsas!


George… trying to make tortillas with the dough I ruined!


Aliya also making delicious samsas


Wael making something I can only describe as heavenly


Me, shamelessly eating Aliya and Maryiam’s samsas

Around 8pm, with more dishes of food than the 10 hungry stomachs sitting before it could ever possibly pack in, we gathered for the feast. During the meal, Aliya pulled out what has since become my favorite dinner games. The concept was simple- one person grabs a question from the question pile, chooses a victim, and said person chooses and answer from the answer pile. But as the game carried forward, combinations like “Do you like to flirt?” – “Only on Mondays” and “Do you like me?” – “I am so shy!” elicited several rounds of laughter between heavenly munches. (Those are some of the less questionable combinations- but not to worry, the rest were caught on film!)

After thoroughly embarrassing ourselves and getting to know each other in a fashion I think few of us expected, it was time for pumpkin carving. As I was the only person who had ever carved a pumpkin before, I tried to kick it off as a kind of instructional, how-to activity, but once everyone grabbed a knife and started hacking away their creativity pretty much took over and the students wildly surpassed the master!




A little healthy competition may or may not have emerged in the process, so I withhold any official statements about whose pumpkin was the best. But after Wael got crafty with the birthday candles and after a couple of disputes involving foil, tape, and the kitchen’s uncompromising light sensor, we had the lights turned out and out pumpkins shining in the window for all of the complex to see! If any event thus far has rivaled the Thanksgiving International Potluck of 2010 (www.zocksandme.tumblr.com), this would most definitely be it.

‘Til next time!



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